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About Us

Lance Aircraft Supply, Inc., was established in 1967. Within it's first year, Lance Aircraft made a large overseas acquisition of Military Surplus AT6's and Harvards along with substantial spare parts inventories. Originally, our primary purpose for buying these inventories was to support the agricultural cropdusting industry.

Morey Darznieks, Founder and President of Lance Aircraft, has traveled to over 40 countries acquiring hundreds of AT6's and Harvards and entire spare parts inventories from various Air Forces, Ministries of Defense, and Dealers.

For many years, there was not much demand for the airframe spares. Eventually, the need for these spares increased when people realized the AT6's, Harvards and SNJ's played a great role in history and the preservation as historic aircraft was finally appreciated.

Because of Lance Aircraft, these large accumulations of "Original New Surplus" spares have been saved and remain available for what they were meant to be: "Spares to keep all of the AT6's, Harvards and SNJ's flying!"

Another company collected AT6, SNJ and Harvard spares from Canada and the United States for many years, making their inventory the largest collection in the world. In 1986, Lance was able to purchase this company's vast stocks.

That purchase made Lance Aircraft the World's Greatest AT6 Store, by far, with nearly 90% of the remaining AT6, SNJ, and Harvard Airframe spares still available for the benefit of future generations of AT6 owners and operators.

In 1998, Lance Aircraft purchased the last, largest and most coveted remaining AT6 spare parts inventory left in the world from the South African Air Force.

Lance Aircraft has over 50,000 square feet of buildings in two states filled with "New Surplus" AT6/Harvard/SNJ spares, plus acres of spares outside.

If you are an AT6, SNJ or Harvard owner, Lance Aircraft is the place to come for your parts needs. You can ask other owners who have seen our warehouses or, even better, come and see us yourself! Then you'll understand why most owners and shops already take advantage of Lance Aircraft's vast stock and expertise!

All AT6, Harvard and SNJ owners are encouraged to visit us if you find yourself in Dallas.

You Are Always Welcome!!

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