Springs Available

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Star Spring Washer Throttle Quadrant


Spring, Brake Bellcrank

Spring, Tail Wheel Declutching Bellcrank Return

Dzus Spring (SS)

Dzus Spring

Spring Clip, Cockpit Encl. Emergency Release



Spring, Elec. Circuit Breaker Rest Control

Spring, Pilot's Rudder Pedal Release

Spring, Canopy Sliding Panel Mech Bungee

Spring, Torsion

Spring, Compression

Spring, Tension

Spring, Tension

Spring, Alighting Gear Emer. Downlock Cable

Spring, Tension

Spring, Compression

Spring, Compression

Spring Assy. - Antenna

Spring, Instrument Flying Hood Release

Spring, Auxillary Fuel Cell

Spring, Fuel Cell Hanger

Spring, Fuselage Hand Grip Door

Spring, Parking Brake Valve

Spring, Master Brake Cylinder Valve

Spring, Brake/Rudder Pedal Return

Spring, Control Surface Lock

Spring, Tension Coil

Spring, Instrument Panel Reflector Lock

Spring, Fire Extinguisher Door Lock

Clip, Support

Spring, Fuel Gage Light Cover

Spring, Rear Cockpit Stick Release

Spring, Camera Rail

Spring, Compression

Spring, Tail Wheel Cable Shock

Spring, Engine Starter Switch

Spring, Pilot's Seat Adjusting Plunger

Spring, Parachute Flare Release Cable Tension


Spring, Map Case Door Hinge

Spring, Cockpit Enclosure Lock

Spring, Cockpit Enclosure Emer. Release

Spring, Master Brake Cylinder Piston

Spring, Hand Pump Ctrl Handle Retraction

Spring, Relief Thermo Expansion Valve

Spring, Fixed Gun Ctrl Cable Detachable Link

Spring, Instrument Flying Hood Holdback Latch

Spring, Hyd. System Reservoir Strainer Retainer

Spring, Tail Wheel Knuckle Lockpin

Spring, Tail Wheel Knuckle Centralizer

Spring, Tail Wheel Damper Friction Plate


Spring, Mixture Control Lever Catch

Spring, Cockpit Encl. Rear Panel Release Handle

Spring, Landing Gear Lock Pin

Spring, L.G. & Flap Indicator Finger

Spring, Up Lock

Spring, L.G. Selector Valve Ctrl Handle

Spring, Map Case

Spring, L.G. Position Indicator Switch Box


Spring, Tail Wheel Lock/Unlock (Old Style)

Spring, Cockpit Encl. Rear Panel Latch

Spring, Cockpit Encl. Release Handle

Spring, Rear Rudder Pedal Adjustment

Spring, Safety Belt Plunger Lock Pin

Spring, Safety Belt Plunger

Spring, Inertia Reel Adjustment Handle

Spring, Throttle Switch



Spring, Fixed Gun Charging Slide

Spring, Signal Gun Holder

Spring, Hyd. Landing Gear & Wing Flap

Spring, Throttle Box Switch

Spring, Latch


Spring, Baggage Compt Door Latch Operating

Spring, Baggage Compt Door Handle Torsion

Spring, L.G. Locking Mechanism Latch

Spring, Parachute Flare Rack Door

Spring, Fuselage Fire Extinguisher Door

Spring, Arm Rest

Spring, Fuselage Front Step Tube Keeper

Spring, Brake Cylinder External

Spring, Mixing Chamber to Carb Air Duct

Spring, Control Lock

Spring, Observer's Seat Latch

Clip, Arm Rest Hold Down

Spring, L.G. Position Indicator Switch

Spring, Flap Strut Ctrl Valve Medium Pressure

Spring, Hyd. Hand Pump One-Way Valve

Spring, Hyd. Selector Ctrl Unit Relief Valve Inner

Spring, Hyd. Selector Ctrl Unit Relief Valve Outer

Spring, Hyd. Selector Ctrl Unit Valve

Spring, Pressure Control Return

Spring, Flap Strut Ctrl Valve Low Pressure

Spring, Carb Air Filter Locating Cam (LH)

Spring, Carb Air Filter Locating Cam (RH)

Spring, Carb Airl Filter Retainer Clip Conical

Spring, Heater Valve Stop

Spring Assy. - Antenna

Spring, Ratchet Valve

Spring, Hydraulic Test Block

Spring, Engine Starter Stowage Retainer

Spring, Fluorescent Light Stowage


Spring, Pressure Line Disconnect Block

Spring, Ratchet Valve Plunger

Spring, Ratchet Valve

Spring, Landing Gear Control

Spring, Tail Wheel Knuckle Anti-Shimmy Friction

Spring, Tail Wheel Post

Spring, Manual Starter Engaging Ctrl Cable

Spring, Data Case Hinge

Spring, Rear L.G. Control Rod

Spring, Ratchet Valve

Spring, Fixed Gun Tension

Spring, Seat Engaging Rod Return

Spring, Seat Belt Release Handle Center

Spring, Tail Wheel Declutching Lock Pin

Spring, T/W Declutching Bellcrank Return

Spring, Brake Piston

Brake Spring (Black)

Brake Spring (Red)

Spring, Brake Piston

Spring, Single Action Brake

Spring, Wheel Cover Dzus

Dzus Spring

Dzus Spring

Dzus Spring

Dzus Spring

Dzus Spring

Dzus Spring

Dzus Spring